E-COMP provides a dedicated team that offers your franchisees:

  • Discounted Programs:  Providing the power of “bulk purchasing” that’s not available through the general marketplace
  • Customized: Ability to customize your Franchises’ Program, including coverages and pricing
  • Fast & Easy: 24-hour turnaround on quotes and coverage placements
  • National & Platinum: We’re everywhere, our dedicated workers’ compensation team offers expertise combined with platinum customer service
  • 24/7 Virtual Access to Franchise: Ability to offer 24/7 virtual access to all of your Franchisees’ policies, coverages and certificate of insurance issuance
  • Revenue Share: Revenue share is available for program marketing
  • Compliance: Curated Compliance, customized and included within the program, depending on volume
  • Part of Onboarding:  E-COMP becomes part of your Franchisees “New Store Opening Checklist”
  • Self HR Audit or checklist: We’ll customize your “ Franchise Checklist or HR Audit” as it relates to your compliance and insurance specifications


When your Franchise partners with E-COMP, we become your  professional and knowledgeable insurance division. You’ll be appointed to your own E-COMP Specialist, who will work on your behalf to assure the proper placement of your franchisees pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation coverage.

  • Simple quoting process – 24-hour turnaround
  • Access to many “A” rated insurance companies, covering most types of industries
  • Dedicated placement and service teams for your franchisees
  • Simplified audit process, because of payroll integration